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Thousands of playlists and curator from our database are waiting for your music. Filter by genre, check our analysis to know if the playlist has real listeners, and then pitch your song to the curator.

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So much more than a curator database

We go the extra mile and offer much more than just a database of curator emails.

Playlists with contact information
All the Spotify playlists in our database have contact information available. You will be able to contact the curator via email, instagram or through a link for submissions.
Listeners signal
Each playlist also comes with a signal: Good, Acceptable or Bad. This is based on the number of listeners. Long story short, avoid Bad playlists.
Manually checked
We check each playlist from our database manually to give you an estimation of the number of listeners.
Full analysis
Each playlist comes with an analysis so that you know if it contains new or old songs, popular or underground songs. We also record the evolution of the followers.
Search by keywords or genre
Our search works on the playlist title and description but also on the genres of the playlist. Genres are based on the artists within the playlist.
Last playlist update
We tell you the last time the playlist has been updated. This way you can avoid submitting to old dead playlists that have not been updated in months.

The most qualitative database of Spotify playlists

with contact info
checked manually

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What's included

  • Playlist search by keyword or genre

  • Curators contact information email, instagram or link

  • Playlists analytics followers, tracks popularity, ...

  • Indication of listeners 3 categories of playlists

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$149 / year

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Thanks to PlaylistSearch I have build relationships with many curators which is helping for every new release. Sine then I don't need any other external promotion services as I have my own contacts.


What I liked the most about PlaylistSearch is that unlike other similar platforms, they do not fake the numbers and are completely honest. If a playlist or curator seems fake or not worth it, they will tell you. It's a game changer.


Frequently asked questions

How do you collect playlists data?
We use the Spotify API to analyze all the public playlists and select those whith contact information in the description. Some curators also reached out to us to be added in the list, even if their contact information is not publicly available in the description.
Do curators agree to share their contact information?
Yes, we only list playlists for which the curator added his email or instagram account in the public description. As soon as he removes it from the description of the playlist, we will remove the playlist from our database.
Is it free to submit songs to the playlists?
Yes and no. Some of the curators accept free submissions, others will ask for a fee to listen to your song and then maybe add it to the playlist.
How do I know if a playlist is worth it?
The followers metric is unfortunately not enough, as many playlists have thousands of fake followers. This is why we check each playlist manually and assign a signal: Bad (the playlist has no listener or is botted, avoid it), Acceptable (the playlist has a few listeners, it could be worth it), Good (the playlist has many listeners, we think this is worth it).

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